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SlouchBusterSportBackerBackUp/       L u m b a r  -  J a c k
                                                                                                                 Measure over clothing
Waist SizeS - 20"M -  20-30"L - 28" and up/           22"-38"    38"-50"50"-65"

ActiVest     sm 39"medium 43"large 45"X large 51"XX-large 55"XXX-large 59"
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The S'port (olive-khaki) style has 14 pockets not including the storage pockets for the back straps. These include gusseted pockets intended for the photographer or sportsman to load up with gear. It also has a vented back for cooler wear. Available in sizes XS -S -M -L
See sizing below
For those of small or medium body build, the S'portBacker provides an optimum balance between comfort and function. The Sport Backer is small enough to fit in any journey bag so it can be used for long flights instead of the pillows provided by the airlines.
See sizing below
Correct Slouching & Bad Posture today!
While the Slouch!Buster  was not designed to be the comfort solution you depend on for everyday use, it is a shorter-term solution to take the "ouch" out of sitting. Leave your Back-Up at your computer and take the Slouch!Buster along for travel or outdoor events.
See sizing below
Pediatric physicians and physical therapists are among the first to recommend our KiddyUp to parents who want to correct their child's postural problems (read why below).
If school had ergonomically designed chairs, we wouldn't have so many back problems later in life.   KiddyUp promotes a healthy backs for life.
An industrial back support lifting belt that converts to an ergonomic chair back support or a driving back rest by snapping in separate accessory straps. Now you can improve your posture while relieving back pain due to sitting long periods on office chairs or driving.
See sizing below
See sizing below
A Chronic Back Pain Relief & Support Device for everyday use!  Chronic back pain sufferers who cannot find ergonomic chairs that fit but still must sit all day in office chairs are guaranteed welcome pain relief with Nada-Chair's Back-Up model lumbar support. The ergonomic back support can also helpful for women suffering low back pain from pregnancy.
Poor Sitting Posture

Inhibits blood to flow to and from the heart
Stifles breathing and diaphragm function
Shortens muscles in the front of the body
Stressed the lower back
Hyper extends back muscles
Closes off throat and windpipe
Constricts the voice
Habituates bending forward
Adds pressure to kidneys,
adrenals, colon and stomach
Inhibits cerebrospinal fluid flow
Inhibits learning
Invites osteoporosis
Impedes nerve force from the spine
Restricts solar plexus (abdominal brain)
May negatively impact sleep

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